The Watch: Are we ready for tech?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just heard about the Apple Watch coming out and I’m not really sure I want to wear one just yet. Apple went through a lot of trouble designing the bands and watch styles so people would wear them as a fashion item more than a tech tool. If you don’t believe me, go to their web site and look at their Apple Watch page.

The first thing is the price. How many normal people would spend that much on any watch? So here comes Apple and they think because it is from Apple and innovative that somehow we must buy it. Apple does a lot of innovative stuff, and some of them have really changed the way people work with and think about technology. But they may have gone too far with the watch.

If people are anything like me, they are hard on their watches. That’s why a lot of people liked the idea of the iPhone. No watch required. The clock is in your pocket or on the desk out of the way, yet easy to get to. When I did get a watch as a gift a few years ago I broke the crystal and the strap pretty quickly. I felt pretty bad about it because it was a gift, and I would feel worse if someone bought me a really expensive watch and I did the same thing to it.

Who wears watches these days anyway except well-to-do people who use it as a fashion accessory? Now Apple is asking us to wear a watch with a microphone and speaker that we can talk into. Personally, I’d feel really creepy seeing someone doing that in public. It can store some tunes for listening but not your entire music library. So I see myself talking to my friends on this watch, and then having people watch me listen to my music on it. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right.

What I compare this to is the Google Glass. Google pulled the idea because having what amounts to be a camera on your head makes people uncomfortable. So if the Apple Watch can record people talking, won’t that make people uncomfortable just the same? Now Google Glass was like three times more expensive than this watch, and who could afford those? Most of the people who wore the Glass were geeks anyway. I hope Apple isn’t trying to turn all of us into watch wearing geeks.

Besides, to get the full use of the Apple Watch you have to have to have an iPhone 5 or higher. So the watch really isn’t a standalone device. People are going to balk at the price to begin with, and then add the price to buy or upgrade to an iPhone 5 just to use the thing. It isn’t diamond studded or anything like that, so unless it can control drones flying around the neighbourhood, it’s hard to see people wanting one. I think this is different than the smartphone, which is really a better cell phone. With those you can put them in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. The watch can only be in one place all the time.