Bigger Isn’t Better

If you haven’t noticed, the size of technology continues to get smaller with each new device upgrade. Laptops are smaller, thinner, and lighter than just five years ago yet can do somewhat more than their predecessors. The prices have come down as well, which is always good because I’ll have more money to spend on other stuff. I remember the days when laptops were huge and heavy, and you had to be careful when you carried them around.

But the size issue also carries over the mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. When Apple came out with the iPod-Mini, a lot of people were saying it wasn’t a good idea because it did the same basic things as the bigger model, only on a smaller screen. People liked the mini version because it was cheaper and they wanted something that would fit into a backpack or briefcase and wouldn’t take up so much space. Many people, myself included, liked the idea of smaller is better.

One thing people are talking about now is the screen size of smartphones. A lot of people are streaming video and shopping using smartphones, so they want a bigger size screen to make it easier on their eyes. One truth about using a smartphone to shop with or do any kind of major reading on is that companies haven’t done that great of a job making their web sites easy to read on smaller screens. Instead of waiting for businesses to catch up, I guess it is easier to ask for a bigger screen.

I know this isn’t going to be popular, and some people are going to hate on me for it, but why don’t these people pushing for a larger screen size just get a mini-tablet? If you do that much online reading or shopping, then get the right device for the job. If the argument is that the tablet costs too much, what do you think the manufacturers of smartphones are going to do – lower the price? OK, it might be a bit of a pain to have to get two devices, but if a larger screen is what you need then get a larger screen!

Maybe it’s because I am a female-type but I like things small. Small and compact. First, there’s only so much I can fit in my purse. Then there is the weight to consider. Bigger devices tend to weigh more, though that is not always true. But I’m almost positive I’ll be paying more for big and lightweight. Companies have spent a lot of money on making components smaller, and I’m all for it.

As popular as mobile devices are, I don’t want to leave out laptops. They seem to be getting lighter and thinner all the time. While tablets and smartphones make the news, they are not the answer for people who are serious and heavy users of computers. It may be a retro idea, but there are still some things a laptop can do more easily, and cheaply, than a mobile device.