White Noise Apps: Better Than the Real Thing?

Ah! Blissful sleep. Nodding off to dreamland. This is what you want every night to keep your body going. Why is it so hard for some people, however, to fall and stay in slumber land? Insomnia is rampant. You wait for heavy-lidded eyes to take you away, but it doesn’t happen.

The culprit can be a noisy, distracting environment. Maybe it’s the neighbors, your own family watching late night TV, the dog skittering about the wood floor, or a night owl. It can be the buzz of a clock, a fountain in your courtyard, or traffic from afar. Or perhaps it’s an uncomfortable pillow that should be replaced with a new one like these. Whatever is the bane of your existence has a solution, and it is called “white noise.”

You get it from a small sound machine engineered to produce a pleasant constant background noise that wipes away anything else in your ambience. For about $50, you can get a good one and finally attain some serious shut eye. Dohm is the original maker, so why not opt for the best. Turn it on and tune out the world.

A practical white noise machine should have two speeds, adjustable tone, and volume control. Most do. You want to ask about improved sound quality as compared to budget models. The colors and shapes are nonintrusive and fairly similar. With the Dohm, you get acoustic housing surrounding a two-speed electric motor with an asymmetrical fan—rather unique. As a result, soothing sound can be yours such as simple rushing air. This will block noise at a wide range of frequencies, which is what you want and is to be expected at any price.

If you want to spend more, just shy of a hundred bucks, the Tinnitus Therapy and Sleep Machine comes highly recommended. It is actually a white noise alarm clock with two interchangeable sound cards. Professionally recorded sounds will help the worst insomniac learn to relax and unwind. Apparently the white noise targets alpha, beta, and delta brainwave patterns on one card and eases tinnitus on the other to promote deep, restorative sleep. The world of digital soundscapes is rather amazing.

Your own personal sound environment is at your fingertips. But this is not your only option. There are apps that fill the bill quite nicely. The Sharper Image is at your service with a choice of relaxing sounds. Depending on your mood and lifestyle, you can select forest stream, thunderstorm, summer rain, ocean surf, or generic white noise. These sound so good you might want one on all of the time to help you focus and concentrate while studying or working. Get that iPod out right now. I believe the app is free.

It pays to get some kind of sound soother in your midst. Conquering insomnia is no easy task. You can try not eating before bed, stopping texts and emails, and turning off the TV. You can count sheep till you drop off. Everyone has a system, but many forget the value of white noise. With the app, you get a pleasant image on your screen as well to help with the power of escapist suggestion.