Some Girls Have a Purse for Every Occasion…

You say you never heard of Bostitch? How about Arrow, Stanley, DeWALT or Klinch-Pak? Well, if the answer is no, you are seriously lacking in stapler knowledge. You are also no doubt weak in know-how. You probably think that this device just collates pieces of paper upon rare occasions. You would be wrong. Staplers can do so much more. There are as many uses as there are types.

I, for one, have a stapler for every occasion. Some are in the house and garage, others at work, and more than one in my purse. You could say I am a bit of a self-taught expert on the subject. So listen up. You can pay from a few dollars to a few hundred depending upon the purpose. No budget is too great when it comes to outfitting your life with something this practical.

Let’s start small with the most well-known type. It sits idly on most desks waiting for attention. It jumps into action but needs care and feeding every once in a while. You don’t need a manual to understand it or Bandaids housed nearby. It can be called upon for mundane tasks like closing cartons when you are packing and other assorted repair work. It definitely is a gadget to press into action.

Climbing up the stapler scale, you encounter the electronic stapler that has merited its excellent reputation. You don’t even need to touch it and it snaps closed, producing a strategically placed and secure staple. It loves really thick stacks of papers and can handle cardboard like a breeze. This one lives in the office but has been known to frequent many garages and work stations.

Let’s not forget the trusty heavy duty staple gun that affixes most anything during construction. It is used in upholstering and crafts, and is particularly useful for decorating and assembling multi-component objects. Put up posters to find a lost dog or nail Christmas lights to your eaves—this sturdy winner does it all.

The granddaddy of them all is a pneumatic stapler running up there in the six hundred dollar range. This one is not for the faint at heart. Then there is the hammer tacker made of steel and chrome. We are getting into a serious area here suitable for only those skilled in construction. You do need a first aid kit around for these babies. Some staplers are really tools for professionals like a carpet version. They are a far cry from my purse-sized pink mini stapler complete with metallic refills.

If you aren’t a diehard aficionado of this wonderful invention, you can take your pick of one or two types. I have more, but then I know how to wield this mighty monster. I have been to the online “World of Staplers” and read all the info. I keep instructions in the kitchen drawer. In short, staplers are fun and practical, and you can’t have enough. They can handle simple to complex tasks without breaking down. Just don’t forget to buy refills as this can be the bane of their existence.