Gunky Keyboard Fix

Sometimes, my car is my office. I am going to admit it right now, my car isn’t always the cleanest place in the world. And here’s another thing I am not entirely proud of – I have an air compressor for my car (because I have a thing about my tire pressure after being stranded once with a flat) and sometimes, I just plug that sucker in and blow the stuff out of my car (I pick most of it up, I swear. The stuff that doesn’t either blow away or isn’t crumbs, that is). If you’ve ever read that stat about how humans shed like 100 hairs in a day and didn’t believe it, I’ll make you a believer just looking around in my car; it somehow gets everywhere and all over everything that is in my car for more than an hour or so.

Since my car isn’t always the cleanest place to hang out, when I bring my laptop in there, sometimes the keyboard ends up all gunky and gross, including underneath keys. No idea how that happens. I used to use compressed air cans to clean it, but – you guessed it – the cans just hung out in my car for months waiting for me to recycle them. And really, I don’t need that kind of hassle. Seriously. People want to talk to me about my “huffing” problem and it’s really just that I’m lazy. That’s an awkward conversation. I can see how they make the assumption, but I’m not that kind of girl.

So I needed something that gave off less of an “I need an intervention” impression. I decided to try and see if my trusty tire inflating air compressor could help me out. Mine is pretty tiny and is 12 volts (meaning it runs off the car, and I can’t plug it into a regular outlet), but it is great at tires. So the last time my computer was in the car, I tested it out. I don’t get how I never eat while typing or gaming and yet it looks like I’ve been eating toast over the keys regularly. Where does this stuff COME from, anyway? You know what, nevermind, I don’t want to know. I started up the car, started the compressor, and set it to the lowest setting I could – I don’t want to be blowing the spacebar off or anything – and got to work. The hose for the compressor is pretty long (obviously, what good would it be if I had to leave the unit in the car and the hose didn’t reach the back tires?) so I was able to sit on a big piece of plastic outside of the car while I cleaned. I used the tire needle attachment to really get the air focused where I needed it. It worked like a charm and everything that blew out landed either on me (gross) or on the plastic I had put out. I was able to clean the keyboard pretty nicely and folded up the plastic so all the gunk went right in the trash.

One of these days, I’m going to get a virtual keyboard for my tablet and then I won’t have this problem, but until then, I am going to continue to use my trusty 12v compressor to get the job done on my tires and my keyboard!