Biometrics in Action: Safes

Technology is what makes the world go round. It is true for me, but also for most people I know. Even those not totally tuned into the digital realm, for example, have had their lives transformed for the better. There is literally something out there that has sparked inspiration for someone of any age, old or young.

Let’s focus in on biometrics, the most unique physical features that our computers can sense and interpret. It is said that biometrics may be used as proxies for our physical selves in the digital world and that is a mouthful. It is all about bonding digital data to our identities in a clear and permanent fashion such that we can retrieve it with our devices quickly and efficiently. Let’s give a shout out for automation, shall we!

Identity is composed of a myriad of pieces of information such as a description of our being, our address, birthdate, social security number, and relationships. We use it in the larger sense to conduct digital activity, store information, and foster accountability. It should eliminate fraud and mistrust. It is a kind of alter ego. Think of credit history, transcripts, medical records, and the like. Biometrics are our most unique physical and behavioral features that are used as proxies for our real selves. Thus we want to protect our identity at all costs.

Beyond the computer application, biometrics are used in practical, tangible ways. Take the biometric gun safe, for example. These safes use human traits to gain access. It must be a very distinguishable one such as a fingerprint, DNA, face recognition, iris recognition, etc. In other words, the unit identifies and authenticates the user based on an intrinsic physiological or behavioral trait. This could, in addition to the aforementioned, be voice, typing rhythm, and body gait. We have come a long way from a key in a lock or a rotary dial.

When all works as planned, the safe is secure from unauthorized access. You don’t have to worry about forgetting a combination or password, having an electronic lock battery go dead, or losing a key. You theoretically cannot tamper with a biometric gun safe, which makes it a perfect model for the home to prevent family accidents or to deter theft. In short, a biometric gun safe is individual specific.

A top grade model is the Browning PP52F that goes for a whopping $5,000 plus. This maker is well known for firearms and fishing gear. It can house 22-43 guns depending upon the racking arrangement. It comes in a desert smoke color adorned with a whitetail duck and doe scene. It would be fine to have it fully exposed in a den, garage, or rec room. It has a special pistol rack and optional dehumidifier. You can add a few extra solid steel shelves.

Browning also makes a 10-gun safe with biometric control that is about half the price. Adjustable shelves maximize storage and you can buy add-ons such as jewelry boxes and/or a fire box. An LED lighting system keeps objects clearly visible when it is open. Whatever you choose, if it is biometric, you know you are sharing in 21st century advanced technology.